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We have selected a number of typical products from the region of Abruzzo. These products are very tradition-bound mountain city of L'Aquila and the countries close to the Gran Sasso of Italy, produced by some small businesses, an example for all are the famous kebabs Abruzzo.
The Abruzzo region, especially the province of L' Aquila, is very famous for the production of Saffron Aquila PDO product nell'altopiano Navelli, Mortadella Campotosto, skewers of sheep and lentils of Santo Stefano di Sessanio.
In addition, our area is also very popular confectionery production mainly characterized by soft nougat chocolate Aquila and Abruzzo typical Ferratelle prepared using blades with diamond pattern in relief.
Typical flavors of Abruzzo have the chance to find a range of products related to the ancient tractions that will allow you to rediscover flavors now almost forgotten. To purchase our products only need a few clicks with delivery in 24-48 hours of shipment. Our commitment is to sell the products at the best value for money.

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